Breakout Sessions

Morning Breakout Sessions

Decode: How to Read Someone in 60 Seconds or Less

Lisa Mitchell, Power Body Language

In this interactive session you'll discover the basics of non-verbal communication and how important it is in everyday conversation, how to decode others quickly by understanding key body language cues, how to increase the accuracy of your people reading skills and increased self-awareness of how you appear walking into a room and how that impacts outcomes.

Energy Market Update

Brian Habacivch, Constellation Energy

The market for natural gas and electricity remains volatile. Contractors are constantly having to consider risk and understand market trends for powering asphalt plants and other uses. All attendees will find this session fascinating as it dives into the national and global position of the energy market and where things are going.

Full-Depth and Cold In-Place Recycling

Keith Freeland, Brandeis

FDR and CIR are two quality improvement techniques seeing increased use in Indiana and nationally. Locals, contractors and INDOT attendees will learn what projects make good candidates and how this technology can be incorporated into a pavement management program.

Dispelling HMA and RAP Myths

Bill Pine, PE, Heritage Construction and Materials

Today‘s asphalt mixtures are higher in quality than ever before due to increased understanding of mix design, quality control, production and laydown operations. There are basic principles that apply in ensuring long-term HMA performance. This session will address fundamental HMA principles, including the use of RAP, to help separate fact from fiction.

Afternoon I Breakout Sessions

Driving Creativity in a Changing World

David Ball, Creating Leaders, Inc.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to tap into our team’s or our own creativity? Learn how to generate innovative ideas and select the best ones without conflict.

Performance Testing: A Perspective from Two Neighboring States

Jeff Kern, PE, Open Road Paving (Illinois) & Scott Quire, Bluegrass Testing (Kentucky)

With most states in the process of implementing balanced mixed design requirements, there are efforts being made to baseline their respective mixes. In this session, industry representatives from Illinois and Kentucky will present experiences gained in going through their first few construction seasons validating mix performance with cracking and rutting tests.

Safe and Productive Work Zones of the Next Decade

Todd Morrison, PE, Highway Hero

The number of work zone fatalities has steadily risen over the past decade. This session will discuss several strategies and innovations that will make your work zones safer in the decade to come, including positive protection, intelligent drums, intrusion alarms, smart vests, automatic flagger assistance devices, automatic cone devices, temporary traffic signals, and communicable disease protocols.

Creating and Maintaining a Local Pavement Preservation Program

Kevin Russel, PE, Harrison County Highway Department

This session will discuss how one local agency manages their pavement preservation program. Topics will include: how data is gathered, how data is used to make programming decisions, how various types of projects are selected, how the program is funded, and how public opinion and political considerations impact the process.

Afternoon II Breakout Sessions

Negotiation – The Power of Reaching Agreement

David Ball, Creating Leaders, Inc.

Have you ever felt disappointed with your negotiation outcomes? Do your attempts to reach agreement involve YOU compromising every time? Learn strategies to help reach agreement with more people.

An Overview and Introduction to Environmental Product Declarations

Kelly Kanaras, National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA)

Climate change, greenhouse gas emission reductions, environmental impacts – the current administration has zeroed in on these issues, and several state and local agencies are beginning to mandate the use of environmental product declarations (EPDs). What are EPDs, what is happening legislatively, and what can your company do to prepare for potential mandates?

Little Things, BIG Results

Todd Mansell, Caterpillar

Achieving project requirements can demand that paving crews are employing proper equipment maintenance, setup, and operation. This session will provide some key paving operation and planning concepts that will help mitigate the risks of not meeting smoothness and density specifications.

INDOT Research – What has been done, what is ongoing, what is to come?

Matt Beeson, PE, INDOT

INDOT research evaluates new technologies and opportunities to improve asphalt quality and durability. Attendees will learn what research is underway and how new findings may impact the asphalt industry in the years to come.