Breakout Sessions

Morning Breakout Sessions

Quality Assurance for Locals

Dr. Adam Hand, University of Nevada Reno

Regardless of size, agencies are faced with balancing testing and inspection costs with quality and performance risks, which is the purpose of a quality assurance program. Given their limited resources, this session will focus on techniques local governments can use for successful quality assurance programs. 

Asphalt Refining and Product Quality

Stormy Brewster, Marthon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum Company‘s asphalt footprint includes refineries, terminals, polymer modification and emulsion manufacturing. Stormy Brewster, an asphalt technologist from Marathon Petroleum will provide an overview of refining with an emphasis on asphalt production. She will cover refinery basics, some economic and quality topics, and the challenges her team can face as they strive to consistently meet asphalt and emulsion specifications with ever-changing, state-dependent quality requirements.  

Milling Best Practices: Beyond the Basics

Tom Chastain, Wirtgen America

Does your paving crew need a clean pallet to paint a masterpiece on?  Starting in the 70’s, that’s exactly what was provided: the milling machine.  Throughout the years, the art of milling has been enhanced and plays a vital role in rebuilding and repairing roads.  In this session, Tom Chastain, Milling Product Manager for Wirtgen America will discuss what it takes to succeed, and look at the specific factors that contribute to the quality of a milled surface.  In addition, you will have the opportunity for open discussion with Tom, milling crew members and milling office staff. 

Communicating Through Conflict

Alex Perry, Practically Speaking

Have you ever had a tough conversation and thought, "Dang it, I wish I'd said that differently." Maybe you're avoiding a difficult conversation, hoping your problem will "go away on its own."  During this interactive session, Alex uncovers the mindset shift needed to hold difficult conversations with ease. She shares practical and tactical examples of effective language and will help you create a plan for your next difficult conversation.  In this session sponsored by Women of Asphalt Indiana, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to tackle difficult conversations confidently.

Afternoon I Breakout Sessions

Change Orders - Behind the Scenes

Joe Novak, INDOT

Change orders are inevitable and integral to successfully completing any project, but can be a source of tension on site. When should a change order be initiated? How do I get paid quickly and avoid disputes? What is INDOT thinking? These, and other questions, are answered in this industry-focused presentation.

Sustainable Pavements - Our Future & The Value it Will Create for Industry Stakeholders

Dr. Adam Hand, University of Nevada Reno

The Federal Sustainability Plan enacted December 2021 has set goals of reducing emissions 65 percent from Federal Operations by 2030 and Net Zero Emissions by 2050, as well as establishing a Federal Buy Clean initiative. It’s time for all stakeholders (agencies, material producers, contractors, and citizens) to get engaged in sustainability initiatives because it makes good business, environmental, and societal sense. 

Troubleshooting Plantmix Problems

TJ Young, T2ASCO

Plantmix (unfortunately) does not always turn out OK.  This session gives attendees a practical approach to finding and solving gradation, asphalt content, and voids problems that might occur during production at an asphalt plant.  

My Suicide Journey...And Now a Mission to Change the Industry!

Vince Hafeli, Ajax Paving

Vince survived a suicide attempt in 2007. During this session, attendees will listen as he tells his story of how he got to that place, how he kept it hidden for 14 years, and his newfound passion. Session attendees will leave with simple lessons about suicide prevention, safety, and workforce development. Vince will provide an update on what Ajax Paving, The Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida, The Florida Transportation Builders Association, and the National Asphalt Pavement Association, are doing to inform, educate, and remove the stigma associated with the discussion of mental health. If employees are your most valuable asset, this session is for you!

Afternoon II Breakout Sessions

INDOT Hot Mix Hot Topics

Matt Beeson, Louis Feagans, Roland Fegan, Jeremy Hunter, Greg Pankow, INDOT

INDOT Materials & Testing, Construction, Pavement Design, and Asset Management will reflect on the year and present upcoming changes for 2023.  We‘ll dive into the hottest topics related to the design, production, and construction of asphalt and how industry and INDOT continue to collaborate together to improve quality and performance of asphalt roadways.  One of the most valuable breakout session of the day, this is a can‘t miss for anyone involved with INDOT projects.

Tips for Paving Project Success

TJ Young, T2ASCO

Whether you are the paving contractor, the GC, the owner, or the owner‘s representative, this session highlights key items to double check as the project is built, from aggregate base to final lift.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  If we know what to look for, and follow through, things are going to turn out just fine.  

The Best of Us Workshop

Alex Perry, Practically Speaking

Imagine how much better your job would be if your colleagues knew how to get the best of out of you and vice versa. When you share what brings out your best, your communication, productivity and satisfaction at work improve. In this interactive session, participants will answer four key questions to bring out their best at work and create a personal user manual to help enhance their communication during one on one and team conversations.