Breakout Sessions

Morning Breakout Sessions

Impact of INDOT Future Asphalt Binder Specification Changes

Jason Wielinksi, Asphalt Institute & Nathan Awwad, INDOT 

Indiana's asphalt binder specifications are going through significant changes as early as the 2024 construction season. These changes include the base asphalt binder grade going from a PG 64-22 to a PG 58-28 and a change from PG binder testing in accordance with AASHTO M320 to PG Binder testing with Multiple Stress Creep Recovery requirements per AASTHO R92. This session will provide an overview of these test methods and the impact they have on INDOT specifications and contracts, what HMA contractors might need to know, and what changes asphalt binder suppliers might have in a comprehensive and concise method.

INDOT's Workzone Safety Initiatives

John McGregor, INDOT

This session highlights some of the safety initiative efforts that INDOT is working on. Topics include: INDOT’s efforts to develop their Automated Enforcement Pilot Program, provide better mobility in work sites, and provide MOT guidance during work zone set-ups and transitions.  INDOT will also discuss their continued and appropriate use of queue trucks and Automated Work Zone Information Systems, as well as the use of Purdue’s weekly work zone reports.


Kumar Dave, INDOT & Nick Cosenza, INDOT

This session will outline INDOT’s history and future with the use of pavement recycling methods.  It will address what are the pavement recycling options (CIR, CCPR, FDR) and what makes a project a good candidate for recycling.  Some project case studies will be presented.

Winning at Working Parenthood

Daisy Dowling, Workparent

During this session, Daisy Dowling - a working-parenthood expert and author of Workparent: The Complete Guide to succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself and Raising Happy Kids, will share specific tools and strategies for succeeding at work while being the present, loving parent you want to be - and for remaining heathy, whole and yourself in the process.

Using actionable examples and real-time exercises, Daisy will coach each of us on how to:

  • Create a working-parent action plan for the months and years to come.
  • Build out your working-parent "operating system" for less stress, day to day.
  • Enhance your professional brand and profile - while acknowledging your dual role.
  • Maximize the time you do spend with your children.
  • Build the resilience and motivation needed to meet your dual responsibilities.
  • Diffuse guilt, overwhelm, and other completely normal working parent emotions.
  •  Support and retain the working parents on your teams.

Afternoon I Breakout Sessions

How to Implement a Pavement Preservation Program for Local Agencies

Todd Shields, National Center for Pavement Preservation

Why spend money on a good road when there is so much pressure to fix as many of the poor ones as possible?  This session will look at preservation treatments and economic strategies to successfully integrate preservation into your overall pavement management program.

Compaction 101: Doing the RIGHT Things the RIGHT Way

Tim Kowalski, Wirtgen Group

This session will cover the basics of compaction and the four elements used. Tim will discuss roller trains and how they vary, as well as the different types of rollers, where and how they are used. He will also discuss roller design specs affecting compaction and external factors affecting compaction and how we can adjust to these factors. Some call this best practices - Tim likes to call them compaction principles that can be developed into individual and company best practices.

Foundation, Friction and Smoothness What are They and Why Do They Matter?

Kurt Sommer, INDOT

INDOT is exploring the opportunity to raise the bar on high volume projects with performance validation testing. For full depth HMA pavements the focus is on the uniformity of the foundation, surface friction, and smoothness of the bridge encounter. This session will discuss the tests that are under consideration and provide some context to our history and experience with these tests

Industry Collaboration to Solve a Statewide Skilled Trades Shortage

Eric Fisher, Indiana Constructors Inc.

Work IN Roads is an ambitious collaboration in the field of heavy civil engineering and construction based in Indiana. The main goal is to address the shortage of skilled tradespeople in the state. The program focuses on the civil construction pathway (CCP) programming for high school students. The CCP supports industry awareness and connects students to employers, ultimately building a talent pipeline. This unique, collaborative approach of all the industry stakeholders aims to attract the next generation workforce to a meaningful  career in the horizontal construction industry.

Afternoon II Breakout Sessions

Emission Optimization for Asphalt Plants Panel 

Ryder Harman, ALmix; Travis Mick, CWMF; Trevor Wagoner, Astec

In this interactive panel discussion, presenters will talk about the types of modifications that can be done at an asphalt plant now and in the future to optimize emissions.  Information like this becomes critical when analyzing outputs for EPDs and determining sustainability strategies.    

I-64 PPA by Conversion Award Winning Warranty Project Overview

Richard Willis, NAPA; Kumar Dave, INDOT; Tom Partipilo, E&B Paving

For the first time since the Perpetual Pavement concept inception in 2000, an Indiana project has been recognized as a perpetual pavement by conversion award winner by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance. This session will provide details on Indiana’s I-64 from the Indiana/Illinois state line to 0.6 miles west of SR 165, including an overview of the pavement preservation award program, why this project was nominated and insight into how the project was handled during the construction and testing phases. 

Community Crossings Matching Grants Program Materials Updates

Jeff Austin, Brooks Construction; Dan Heflin, INDOT; Elizabeth Pastuszka, APAI

APAI has completely updated its local government and non-governmental application guide specifications and corresponding documents.  These APAI resources are designed to be used as guidance tools for local agencies, city and county engineers, Consultant inspectors and designers, and paving contractors for CCMG and local asphalt projects.  During this session, presenters will demonstrate available resources and how to easily implement them on asphalt projects.  

The Importance of an Ongoing (and Thriving) Leadership Pipeline: Facts About Succession Planning

Kevin Eikenberry, The Kevin Eikenberry Group

This hands-on, interactive session will focus on identifying your company’s current pipeline strengths, as well as its challenges. How is your company defining management vs. leadership? Attendees will discuss why leadership development processes commonly fail and what companies can do to improve their existing processes quickly and effectively.