Educational Sessions

Session #1:

"Improv Comedy Basics to Supercharge Your Team"

9 – 10:30 am, Saturday, July 24th

When you think of improv what‘s the first thing that comes to mind? Comedy? Wit? I could never do that? You aren‘t alone. Yet, companies and business schools regularly employ improv training. Google improv business and you‘ll receive 17 million results, many from sources like Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Fast Company. Why is improv so popular with the business world? Because the same principles that make improv comedy work also help teams cultivate skills in collaboration, communication, creativity, and more.

Join us for an interactive, fun, and low-pressure introduction to the basics of improv for business teams. You‘ll come away with practical applications and a newfound appreciation for how improv empowers any team – including yours.

Session #2:

Innovative Asphalt Mixtures and Materials

9 – 10:30 am, Sunday, July 25th

Albert Einstein said, Creativity is intelligence having fun.  This session opens with an updated 2021 ASCE Infrastructure Report Card that covers the challenges the U.S. faces with its infrastructure. We then move into creative asphalt solutions and innovations to help combat the problems. We will look at creative mixtures and advances in mixture and binder modification. The session will conclude with project examples of asphalt interlayer and high RAP projects.