Board - Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana

APAI Board of Directors 2015
Executive Committee
President:                     Jeff Swan, EVP, Walsh and Kelly
            Vice President:              CJ Potts, President, Milestone Contractors
                Treasurer:                  Sam Knight, V.P., Gaunt & Son Asphalt
Past President:                     Larry Canterbury, V.P., E & B Paving
LaPorte District (expires Dec. 2017)
            Gene Yarkie, VP, Rieth-Riley Construction – Director
Vincennes District (expires Dec. 2017)
            Tim Mulzer, President, JH Rudolph – Director
Crawfordsville District (expires Dec. 2016)
            John Collett, President, Wabash Valley Asphalt – Director
Seymour District (expires Dec. 2016)
            Mark Richardson, GM, Paul H Rohe Co. – Director
Fort Wayne District (expires Dec. 2015)
            Dan Brown, President, Phend & Brown, Inc. - Director
Greenfield District (expires Dec. 2015)
            Jim Gross, VP, Milestone Contractors - Director
At-Large Directors (terms expire in Dec. of year below)
            Pete Capon, QC Director, Rieth Riley Construction – Director (expires 2017)
            Bill Stevens, VP,  Brooks Construction – Director (expires 2017)
Rob Duncan, QC Manager, Walsh & Kelly – Director (expires 2015)
            Tony Evans, VP, E & B Paving – Director (expires 2015)
            John Eller, VP, E & B Paving – Director (expires 2016)
Kurt Brandstatter, President, Central Paving – Director (expires 2016)
Voting Past President (two years removed)
            John Brooks, President, Brooks Construction (President in 2013)
Appointed Board Representatives (with vote)
            Adam Redman, Asphalt Materials, Inc. (binder suppliers’ rep expires 2016)
Matt Kelley, Midwest Paving LLC (laydown contractors’ rep expires 2016)
Total Voting Board Member Slots = 19



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