Safe Worker Awards

The APAI Safe Worker Awards is a unique program that was initiated in 2009 to honor the individual men and women who work each day for our member firms to make asphalt plants and highway work zones safer for their co-workers, subcontractors, INDOT personnel, consulting engineers, and the traveling public. Award recipients are nominated by their company and direct supervisors in recognition of their exemplary safety record and because they actively affirm and support their employers’ commitments to maintaining a safe workplace.

2022 Safe Worker Award Winners

Tracie Alford- Brooks Construction Co., Inc.

Mark Gibson - Brooks Construction Co., Inc.

Gregorio Mendoza Cataneda - Brooks Construction Co., Inc.

Austin Brundige - Brooks Construction Co., Inc.

Terry Fisher Jr. - Brooks Construction Co., Inc.

Justin York - Brooks Construction Co., Inc.

Levi Kyburz  Central Paving

Rock Mossbrucker - E & B Paving, LLC

Shannon Taylor- E & B Paving, LLC

George Christman - E & B Paving, LLC

Greg Williams - E & B Paving, LLC

Stephan Simmons- E & B Paving, LLC

Denny Griffits, Jr. - E & B Paving, LLC

Adam Croft - E & B Paving, LLC

Stephen Perkey, E & B Paving, LLC

Hosea Dixon, Howard Companies

Jordan Bruce, Howard Companies

Paul Melloh, Howard Companies

Shane McDaniel, Howard Companies

Hunter Stephens, Howard Companies

Steve Deem - Milestone Contractors

Tom Brodner, Milestone Contractors

Dylan Cowins - Milestone Contractors

Mike Livingston - Milestone Contractors

Tyler Sceggell - Milestone Contractors

Tommy Scaggs - Milestone Contractors

Jimmy Isaacs, Milestone Contractors

Darrell Gill, Milestone Contractors

Greg Odle, Rieth-Riley Constructon Co. Inc.

Jeff Deboy - Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Brian Flick- Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Roberto Madrigal, Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Eric Wlodarek, Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Tony Baker, Phend & Brown

Bill Frey Jr., Town & Country Paving