The APAI committees listed below are open to all members (though some have limits on the numbers of committee members). APAI committees typically meet both in person and virtually, when necessary. Some committees will occasionally host educational workshops during the winter months. 

If interested in joining any APAI committee, contact Jaymie Hunckler, APAI Director of Member Services, at

APAI Vision Group
Chairman:  Margi Brooks, Brooks Construction

Vice-Chair: Scott Stine, Rieth-Riely Construction

Materials & Construction Committee
Chair:  Jeff Austin, Brooks Construction

Vice-Chair: Bill Pine, The Heritage Group

Design & Asset Management Committee
Chair: Mike Jaskela, Rieth-Riley Construction

Vice-Chair: Steve Varner, E & B Paving

Training Committee
Chair:  Rob Rood, Milestone Contractors

Vice-Chair: Jason Stroud, E & B Paving

Environmental Affairs & Sustainability Committee
Chair:  Kate DeCarlo, Heritage Research Group

Vice Chair:  James Anderson, Rieth-Riley Construction

Winter Conference & Expo Planning Committee
Chair:  Nate Ryan, E & B Paving

Vice-Chair:  Jon Holland, Rieth-Riley Construction

Women of Asphalt

Co-Chairs:  Jazmin Ramirez, Rieth-Riley Construction & Ashly Rieman, Milestone Contractors

Workforce Development and Scholarship Committee
Chair:  Megan Haynes, Rieth-Riley Construction

Vice-Chair:  Nick Timmerman, E & B Paving