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APAI Board of Directors 2017
Executive Committee
President:                    Sam Knight, VP, Gaunt & Son Asphalt
Vice President:            John Collett, President, Wabash Valley Asphalt
Secretary/Treasurer:   Gene Yarkie, VP, Rieth Riley Construction
Past President:            CJ Potts, President, Milestone Contractors
LaPorte District (expires Dec. 2017)
            Rodney Urbano, VP, Town and Country Paving -- Director
Vincennes District (expires Dec. 2017)
            Tim Mulzer, President, JH Rudolph – Director
Crawfordsville District (expires Dec. 2019)
            Todd Hoops, Area Manager, E & B Paving – Director
Seymour District (expires Dec. 2019)
            Dan O’Mara, VP, Dave O’Mara Contractors – Director
Fort Wayne District (expires Dec. 2018)
            Dan Brown, President, Phend & Brown, Inc. - Director
Greenfield District (expires Dec. 2018)
            Jim Gross, VP, Milestone Contractors - Director
At-Large Directors (terms expire in December of year indicated)
            Pete Capon, VP/Materials, Rieth Riley Construction – Director (expires 2017)
            Bill Stevens, VP,  Brooks Construction – Director (expires 2017)
John Peisker, VP, Walsh & Kelly – Director (expires 2018)
            Tony Evans, VP, E & B Paving – Director (expires 2018)
            John Brooks, EVP, Brooks Construction – Director (expires 2019)
Ricky LaMaster, Plant Superintendent, MAC Cnstr. – Director (expires 2019)
Voting Past President (two years removed)
            Jeff Swan, Executive Vice President, Walsh & Kelly (President in 2015)
Appointed Board Representatives (with vote)
            Habib Shakour, Marathon Petroleum, Sales Mgr., (binder rep expires 2018)
Craig Baumgartner, President, Baumgartner Paving (laydown rep expires 2018)
Total Voting Board Member Slots = 19
APAI Past Presidents (ex-officio)
Jeff Swan, Walsh and Kelly (2015)
Larry Canterbury, E & B Paving (2014)
John Brooks, Brooks Construction (2013)
Keith Rose, Rieth Riley Construction (2012)
Alvin Evans, JH Rudolph (2011)
Matt Kelley, Shelly & Sands (2010)
Jim Gross, Milestone (2009)
Ron Pope, Rieth Riley (2008)
Kevin Kelly, Walsh & Kelly, Inc. (2007)
Larry Canterbury, E & B Paving (2006)
            Tony Evans, E & B Paving (2005)
            Jim Burdick, Wabash Valley Asphalt (2004)
            Steve Koble, Brooks Construction (2002 – 2003)
            Ralph Simpson, Contractors United, Inc. (2001)
            Alvin Evans, J H Rudolph (2000)
            Gary Stebbins, E & B Paving, Inc. (1999)
Pat Cahill, Wabash Valley Asphalt (1998)
            Dan Brown, Phend & Brown, Inc. (1997)
            Bob McCormick, Rieth-Riley Const. (1996)
            Jake Keiser, Keiser & Keiser (1995)
            John Walsh, Walsh & Kelly (1994)
            Steve Henderson, E & B Paving (1993)
            Ed Heyde, E & B Paving (1992)
            Ted Lucas, Milestone Contractors (1991)
            Mike McTague, Fauber Construction (1990)
            John Brooks, Brooks Construction (1989)
            Pat Cahill, Wabash Valley Asphalt (1988)
            Michael Rudolph, J H Rudolph (1987)
            Dan Brown, Phend & Brown (1986)
            Ron Fryback, LICA Construction (1985)
            Dale Combs, Rogers Group (1984)
            Pat Grady, Grady Brothers (1983)
            Dennis Drysdale, Fauber Construction (1982)
            John Spangler, Contractors United, Inc. (1981)
            Gene Tevault, Rogers Group (1980)
            Culian Eikenberry, Smith Construction (1979)
            Robert Brooks, Brooks Construction (1978)
            James Heyde, McMahon-O’Connor (1977)
            William Shumaker, Shumaker Bros. (1976)
            C. W. Kemp, Bituminous Materials (1975)
            Rex Brock, Acme Paving (1974)
            Jack Day, Triangle Paving (1973)
            William Jones, Magaw Construction (1972)
            C. K. Stewart, Wayne Asphalt (1971)
            H.A. Shumaker, Shumaker Bros. (1970)
            J.J. McTague, Fauber Construction (1969)
            D. S. Mohr, Mohr Construction (1964-1968)
            William Salzarulo, Magaw Construction (1959-1963)


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