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Green House Calculator for Asphalt Plants

NAPA Greenhouse Gas Calculator for asphalt plants


NAPA's new Greenhouse Gas Calculator (GHGC) offers a way for asphalt mix facility operators to understand the amount of greenhouse gases their facilities release. The user-friendly interface incorporates the look of input and output gauges. The calculator is built on a database that calculates CO2-equivalent gases, based either on total annual fuel consumed or on a per-ton basis.

The Calculator takes into account a variety of facility sources, including drum dryers, plant vehicles, road-paving equipment, and facility electrical consumption. The user is able to select various types of fuels and compare CO2-equivalent emissions resulting from them. The universal measure of greenhouse gases, expressed as CO2-equivalent (CO2e), is based on the potency of the gases. These include CO2, chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and others. Generally, the more fuel combusted or burned, the more CO2-equivalent gases are emitted.

The Greenhouse Gas Calculator was developed under the leadership of NAPA's ESPOC Emissions Subcommittee. NAPA regards the Calculator as dynamic. Refinements and enhancements will be made on an ongoing basis. If you have suggestions for enhancements, or for comments or questions, please contact Howard Marks, NAPA Director of Regulatory Affairs.

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