Community Crossings

APAI Guide for Asphalt Projects

The Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana (APAI), in collaboration with INDOT and Indiana LTAP, has developed Community Crossings Matching Grant (CCMG) guidance documents to assist counties, cities and towns with navigating the grant procurement process, disbursing funds in the correct manner and designing and constructing quality asphalt pavement projects. We thank INDOT and Indiana LTAP staff along with APAI membership for their invaluable assistance in developing this guide.

Community Crossings Matching Grant Program Information

The INDOT Community Crossings webpage provides background information about the program, project eligibility information, timelines for application and award, example applications based on project total cost, frequently asked questions, and other informative documents. APAI guidance documents were developed to supplement the information available on INDOTs website. Program questions should be directed to CCMG district administrators.

LTAP Asset Management Guide

The CCMG program requires local agencies to have approved asset management plans to qualify for funds. This resource by Indiana LTAP introduces asset management and outlines the steps involved in developing an effective asset management plan.

Asphalt Design and Construction Guide

APAI created this two-part guide to assist locals with designing and constructing quality asphalt pavements. The design section provides guidance to specify correct asphalt mixtures in accordance with INDOT Standard Specifications, Section 402 Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement. The construction section helps Owner/Inspector ensure Contractor is observing best practices during asphalt paving operations.

Bid Form Template

A bid form with list of commonly used bid items with appropriate units is provided as downloadable MS Excel document. User should add and remove items to customize for project needs. Owner/designer will fill out units column and include in project documents for bid. Contractor will fill out price column, and total column will automatically compute. Bid form will be used to determine low bidder.

Sample Advertisements for Bids

Sample newspaper advertisements for bids are provided for Owner to custom with project specific information. Bidding procedures vary based on total project cost, and Owner should review Indiana code to determine requirements.

Sample Award Procedure

Sample award procedure, customizable with project specific information, is provided for Owner to use at Board meeting to award contract to low bidder.

Contract Template

Contract template, customizable with project specific information, may be used as agreement between Owner and Contractor for CCMG projects. This contract specifies that all work should be performed according to project specifications and INDOT published standards. Indiana code for CCMG projects allows Owner to elect either unit price (INDOT recommendation) or fixed price contract.